Proceedings of the Prostate Cancer Steering Committee Meeting

Urology Practice Management Special Issue - May 2013 Vol 2, No 1

As the US healthcare system continues to evolve, physicians in every state and specialty are attempting to comply with new rules, expectations, and costs, and must adapt to meet new healthcare demands. In urology, these changes are being driven by a combination of clinical and economic factors, including therapeutic innovation, improved surgical techniques, and perhaps most prominently, a policy environment where purchasers of healthcare are increasingly focused on accountability, quality, and value. These changes are having a profound effect on the practice of urology from a business as well as a clinical perspective.

The Prostate Cancer Steering Committee was convened to discuss the current business challenges faced by urology practices and to understand how urology practices are changing their clinical and business models in order to thrive in today’s healthcare environment. In addition, the Steering Committee was assembled to explore clinical and practice management trends and challenges with respect to the treatment of advanced prostate cancer, including the utilization of oral agents to treat metastatic disease.

Last modified: May 6, 2013
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